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Property developer, investor & entrepreneur

- Development of the structural as well as the financial framework and building process management - Director of Momentum +


Michael Sheikh has been working on the development of construction and real estate since he left the philosophy study in the mid-80´ties. It has always been about total solutions and visionary collaborators. MS has been a director and leader in a number of the largest players in the Danish construction industry, including MT Højgaard, TK Development and Keops / Landic. It has always been his job to develop and scale the companies where he has had the management. Six years ago, MS started his own business. MS works in MOMENTUM + with all aspects of construction, from the vision of the project itself to the location, financing, operation, etc.




annelise sheikh

Head of Administration & Partner

Annelise is the "administrative backbone" in MOMENTUM +. Her role as manager of various properties in SHEIKH PROPERTY, as well as being responsible for finance in MOMENTUM + and MT Real Estate, places Annelise in a central role in MOMENTUM +. Annelise is also a partner in MOMNETUM + and SHEIKH PROPERTY.

Annelise has been in charge of Momentum since 2011.


Annelise's background is from the audit industry, where she has been auditing secretary in Deloitte for more than 16 years. In addition, Annelise has been employed in Keops Development.



Thomas Algreen


- and associated partner in momentum + and partner in MT Real estate.


TA has worked as a deputy director of Ljungby Maskin AB, which develops, markets and manufactures rubber wheel loaders 9-35 tons.

TA has also worked with product development in the real estate industry in collaboration with Michael Sheikh



architect, designer and artist

Associate partner in Momentum + and Micro Macro Habitat - development of concepts specifically related to Micro Macro Habitat and sustainability in general. NPF also gives lectures and workshops on topics relating to sustainability, design & architecture / art.


NPF is an architect and designer and has throughout his career focused on sustainability. NPF primarily develops concepts and strategy for projects focusing on sustainability at all levels.

NPF has developed concepts for a number of companies, municipalities, etc. Among other things, He has developed concepts in connection with the Copenhagen and Aalborg urbanization projects - Blå Hus in Ålborg and Hedebygade kareen and Hestestalds Kareen both at Vesterbro in Copenhagen as well as many other projects.

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