Links to projects MOMENTUM+ develops and sell

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MOMENTUM+ develops new and interesting projects all the time. Some of the projects can be seen here.

Projects are often developed with a series of partners.

Vindegade, Odense

Vindegade, Odense

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Dr. Primesvej, Frederiksberg

Worldclass apartments in one the best locations in Copenhagen - Frederiksberg center.

The Dr. Primesvej project is in development and a very interesting new in-fill in one of the most prestigious parts of Copenhagen - Frederiksberg. Click here for more information about this indeed very unique project.

Markedspladsen, Hillerød

Markedspladsen, Hillerød

Markedspladsen, Hillerød

A 12.000 m2 major development project app. 30 km. from Copenhagen. Click here to see more.

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Gefionsvej, Hillerød

Interested in a new domicile in Hillerød, Denmark - here is an interesting possibility.

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Here you will find one of our new projects where there is a possibility to be part of designing a new domicile yourself. Click here for more information.


For more projects please go to our danish page, which is updated regularly - please click here.