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The MMH STUDENT set ups are based on our basic houses in 2 versions both with kitchen and bathroom – the first completely basic and without any special extra comfort as such – the second is a double room unit with shared bathroom in the middle – both basic yet super luxurious homes for young people - we think.


The 2 examples shown here are called MMH STUDENT CITY and MMH STUDENT suburb VILLAGE and consists each of at least 11 micro houses – depending on the house type chosen this set-up can house from 11 to 22 students or couples if that is preferred.

There are many facilities in an MMH STUDENT CITY. The most important is maybe the MMH COMMUNITY House which here consists of 3 micro houses assembled into a larger house.


The MMH STUDENT set ups are designed for the young people who want to live their lives maybe with a bit more party and fun, but at the same time have space and peace for studying or doing concentrated work – but at the same time they will be able to work on the roofgardens and greenhouses and grow their own veggies.



MMH STUDENT CITY – temporary settements


There are many plots or roofs of big old industrial building around the cities that has been empty for many years – and where temporary structures can be erected. Some of these could relatively be used for MMH STUDENT CITY - and maybe especially for students and young people as many places in the country lack (temporary) homes.





The MMH student suburb village is based on a plot in a suburb where an older house might need demolition. These plots don’t have to be that big. These type of set ups don’t have to be temporary, but one could imagine that houses could be moved around if needed.

There can be a number of houses placed on 1000 m2 plot depending on local regulations. These kind of set ups can become very interesting micro villages – maybe especially for young people, but could also be for older people – or anyone else who would like to live very close to each other.



MMH STUDENT suburb VILLAGE scenario


Living in an MMH village is associated with many advantages. Take for example Trine - she is a 24 year old student from Haderslev who has come to Aarhus to study. But the housing situation is difficult in Aarhus so she chooses an MMH house in an MMH STUDENT suburb VILLAGE located in a surburban area that Aarhus Municipality has made available for 10 years.

It is MMH that organizes and administrates the renting of the land – in this case a plot of 1000 m2.

On this plot there are 11 MMH Basic houses and The MMH COMMUNITY house (MMH COM), consisting of 3 interconnected MMH Basic.

In the MMH COM there is a bathhouse as well a launderette – you will be able to read more about this if you click here.

Food in the MMH STUDENT suburb VILLAGE can be done in many ways. In the community kitchen the young people often cook together. But there is also a large greenhouse where they can choose to help but otherwise it is run by a professional gardener who also grows and supplies what is otherwise eaten in the village.


Life in a MMH STUDENT VILLAGE is for Trine and her fellow inhabitants a very engaging life. They not only live in a very comfortable environment – they also have all sorts of possibilities to engage in anything from cooking together to do their hobbies, grow the gardens, do sports or arts or many other activities – and yes they have unlike many other young people a proper party space, which is also used for many other purposes – when not being partied in.


If your are interested in having a MMH STUDENT VILLAGE developed feel free to contact us at MICRO MACRO HABITAT.

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